Assessment & Certification

Please read these notes very carefully so that you are quite clear about the basis of assessment.

  1. Assessment on the Cambridge Certificate Course is continuous. Teaching skills are of the greatest importance but all aspects of performance and work done on the courses are taken into consideration, including the candidate's punctuality, professionalism, written work, and potential as a member of staff in an EFL context.
  2. CELTA Candidates are informed of their progress during the CELTA course by written commentary on their teaching practice and by tutorial. This is not usually formulated in terms of passing or failing.
  3. InterPress International House Teacher Training issues a graded certificate-report three days after the course. The grades are Pass A, Pass B, Pass or "No Certificate Awarded". In certain cases a letter of attendance will be issued instead of a report.
  4. CELTA Candidates who successfully complete the course will also be awarded the Cambridge Certificate. All tutors working on the courses collaborate on the internal assessment and decisions are unanimous. International House Teacher Training and InterPress International House cannot enter into either discussion or correspondence concerning results or assessments.